Kalua Softy boards have been designed for all audiences; these boards are suitable for young and old, beginners to advanced and for people with disabilities.


From an early age, discover the pleasures of skiing in Kalua Softy. Grab the right board for your weight and size and hit the water safely.


For cruising or handi-surfing, it is possible to use Kalua Softy boards. Thanks to the provision of 3 reinforced anchor points, you can use a seat or a shell for practice in a seated position. There are also 3 front carrying handles to facilitate transporting the board and getting back on it.


It is also possible to seek thrills with your Kalua Softy board. The shapes have been studied in such a way as to allow learning the first basic figures of waveski surfing and beyond!


Take advantage of the comfort of the Kalua Softy boards to go for a walk with your family, solo, double or even in threes, the boards are designed to be stable and very easy to maneuver.